Why can’t I be still? Maybe it’s because you’re trying too hard

So often I hear people talking of their struggle to be still before God, or the fact that they felt they were being still but God didn’t show up. They feel frustrated and let down because the time they set aside to invest in being still left them irritated, unsettled and disappointed.  I understand this frustration to well because there was a time when I too felt like that, but that changed about four years ago when God took me…

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The Thing I hold Most Dear…

Not too long ago a friend of mine was burgled. They had left home one Sunday morning to attend the Christening of two of their daughters, and after a wonderful day returned home to a trashed house. It took them two days to go through all the mess, tidy up and make a note of what had been stolen. As you can imagine some things hold deep sentimental value of which no amount of money could replace. Then two days…

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Going for Gold, but…

Many of us are going for gold, and aiming at gold with a HUGE but attached to us. Came across this gold medal I won for knife skills at college in a competition a few weeks before my mum died. I was petrified during the competition and convinced I wouldn’t win. The only reason I was there was because my tutors insisted I enter as they knew I could win. But I couldn’t see what they saw. I put in…

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What do you do when the thing God say’s will live dies?

I’ve been trying to get this blog released for well over a month, whilst trying to take in its contents in view of my present situation and see it through the eyes of the revelation. Sometimes we get words from God, that we know are for us, and we know why He has sent them yet we still need time to digest them and see precisely how they fit into our present situation in order to apply it and live…

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“What’s Going on Lord? Why won’t you help me?

I probably don’t need to ask because I think everyone reading this at some point has asked God the When, Why and most importantly, How long question. Likewise, many of us have uttered those famous words “Lord this is too much, I can’t take it anymore.” But whether or not it was too much you did or you are still living and breathing through the plight you desire to be rescued from. For many years, I uttered those words. My…

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Another Chapter, Another Triumph!

So I’ve just completed chapter four in my new book A Precious stone. The chapter is called A Constant Reminder. I have to admit wiring this book has proved more challenging than originally thought as I learnt so much about writing whilst working on my first manuscript God’s Romantic Getaway. Like God’s Romantic Getaway, A Precious Stone is a non-fiction script which sheds much light on my life from childhood to adulthood and the many things that transpired laying the…

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Walking by FAITH ain’t for wimps

They say honestly is the best policy, so I’ll be honest. I wish there was a way I could articulate what’s going on inside me, but the truth of the matter is no matter how much I try the only person that will truly get it, is God. It’s been three weeks since I followed God’s leading to leave my job, something I knew was always going to happen. But I figured my new chapter would commence with a new…

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When God gives you a word as your struggling to motivate yourself... Be motivated 💜 months
@TheAgentPhil Wow, I remember this book as a child.4 months
@JackOsbourne I don't you but this makes me very happy to see and hear. May God bless you both5 months
@ClaraYdelos Some people can be so cruel in their judgments and opinions. I pray that o ever treats any of you the… months
@saffybritain Such a cruel thing to say, but it shows your heart. May no one ever say such things about you or anyone close to you.6 months
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