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GRG 7 Day Escape To Intimacy Retreat

GRG Retreats are all about nurturing your intimate relationship with God. They focus on coming away from the everyday distractions that fight for our attention to a safe place of rest to spend time alone with God in a quiet, peaceful environment. Our time, mind and emotions are taken up with so many things in life, that unless first exercised in a solitary place, the practice of being still and silencing external and internal distractions whilst surrounded by the silent and hostile noise of the world becomes virtually impossible.

Retiring to solitary places to be alone with God is something Jesus did frequently, something we don’t do enough of and need to start doing.

We invite you to come away from the demands of day-to-day life to a place of spiritual rest to be pampered, while you focus on being still and relaxed as you recline in the natural and supernatural presence of God. This is your time for one-to-one intimacy between you and God, a time to cease from mental, emotional, and physical work, be refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated. A time to listen and hear from God with no distractions or restrictions on your time.

Birthed from the founder and author’s personal testimony as shared in her book, God’s Romantic Getaway Retreats are transforming the lives of many who attend, adding much-needed intimacy, strength, and passion to their personal Christian walk. For many, the Retreats have enabled them to experience a deeper sense of God’s prolonged peace, fine-tuned the sound of His voice, increased the desire, and highlighted the value of quiet time in their everyday life in order to experience daily intimacy.

Many have become frequent retreaters

The All-Inclusive Retreats offer return transportation from the allocated pick-up point, luxury accommodation, gourmet food, prayer massage therapy, fitness training, early morning spiritual soaking sessions, teaching and guidance on spiritual intimacy, the practice of solitude and silence, and much, much, more.


In the words of the psalmist, “He leads me besides, still waters, He restores my soul.” GRG Retreats strip away the traditions and distractions that have taken up residence in our lives, causing us to surrender mind, body, and soul in pursuit of peace.

The Retreats are open to married couples, single men and women, young and old.

Retreat Reviews

“GRG provoked me in a good way to pursue God more than I did before. It became an addiction to rise early in the morning and or in the cool of the day and it’s now become as natural as breathing, such has been the impact of GRG on my life. It’s absolutely amazing.”
Lesley Edwards, London, U.K.

“The retreat served its purpose based on the title, ‘God’s Romantic Getaway.’ Honestly, I cannot describe how I feel, but I know I have been restored to my first love, Abba Father.”
Daniel, London, UK

“My relationship with God was very up and down, now I’m looking forward to having a consistent Christian walk. It was amazing, I learned so much.”
Portia, London, UK

The Retreats have changed, transformed, and strengthened my daily walk with Father. For me, it has been life-changing
Paulette, London, UK

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GRG Experience Away Day

The GRG Experience Away Day is a bi-monthly event hosted in the grounds of the beautiful Niland Christian Conference Centre in Hertfordshire.

The Away Days, serve as a taster to the 7-day Retreats and are a great way to get support and help as you embark on your journey of pursuing intimacy with God. whether you are new to the pursuit or looking to build on what you already have, this is the place to be. They offering attendees the opportunity to enter spiritual rest away from their daily schedules, the noise, clutter, and constant demands of life that prohibit them from spending uninterrupted time alone with God.

There is also offer step-by-step guidance, help, and support in applying the daily practice of Being Still and learning to recognise God’s voice and activity in one’s life and addressing the challenges that often prevent this. I believe it is important that every child of God understands the important keys that being alone and still, before God, adds to their daily Christian walk and that exploring this on a daily basis is possible regardless of who you are in Christ. 

The Away Days are open to anyone who frequently or periodically desires a safe place space to be alone with God and individuals in need of guidance, desperate to break through the barriers that prevent them from experiencing a closeness to God, hearing His voice, and understanding how to better communicate with Him. They are attended by both regular and new attendees who continue to reap its benefits as they grow stronger and deeper in their relationship with God. 

The day commences with an interactive workshop where we discuss personal and generic challenges around spiritual intimacy, what is it, what it looks like, how to get started, and the common barrier we all face, quieten internal and external distractions. The teachings offer both biblical and tried and tested solutions, disciplines that will enable you to be more consistent in your daily pursuit of spiritual intimacy with God, both in giving and receiving. After lunch, the afternoon is devoted to attendees spending time alone with God in the peaceful grounds where they can incorporate the teachings of the day with one-to-one assistance should they further require it.


The Day Pass starts from £65 includes lunch and all-day hot and cold beverages and snacks

For more information please contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Away Day Reviews

“What I love about the Away Days is its teaching aspect where you learn more about God intimately. You can share and listen to what others have to say and glean from other experiences”.
Gloria Cohen, Luton U.K.

“It’s the place to come. If you want peace and quiet, it’s the place to come”.
Beverly Hobbs, Hertfordshire UK

“I came here and I learnt how to be still, it has been wonderful. I highly recomnened it.”
Wesley, London, UK



GRG Youth Retreat 

When it comes to young people and church, they either love it and can’t get enough or loath it and find it boring. When it comes to hearing God speak, many don’t recognise His voice, and being still is as foreign to them as a TV with 4 channels. The GRG Youth Retreats are the perfect opportunity for parents to send their children to and youth to want to come to if they want to know what God is really like and how relatable He is to other present life challenges. 

In one week a group ranging from seventeen to thirty, went from struggling to be still, running from God and having never recognised His voice to, asking for more midnight prayer, competing to be the first down for 6am prayer, over-excited about not having their phones for the afternoon and hearing from God clearly with precision and no doubts. God is amazing!



GRG Youth Retreats Reviews  

“This Retreat Saved My Life” It may sound dramatic, but it saved my life. The highlight of my week was when I heard God’s voice for the first time. It was amazing, like a blanket wrapped around me. I can’t describe with words what GRG can do for you. You would want to be here. You wouldn’t want to leave. Harmony Rickets, London

“You need to pack your bags and get here” Tayna, London

“The week was amazing. I learned how to rest in God and have quiet time with Him. When you come on a GRG Experience, it’s about sitting with the Lord and just taking that time out that you could not do back home because of the hustle and bustle of life. We all hear God’s voice, but it’s about actively listening for Him. It’s been amazing. Worth every penny. I encourage anyone to come”. Chloe, London, UK

“The retreat served its purpose based on the title, ‘God’s Romantic Getaway.’ Honestly, I cannot describe how I feel, but I know I have been restored to my first love, Abba Father.”
Daniel, London, UK


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