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God’s Romantic Getaway

I spent 29 years in church as Christian, living with depression, searching for a deeper relationship with God, feeling invisible, not good enough and completely significant. Unable to be honest about the way I felt, I had no choice but to hide behind the mask of my successes. No one wanted to hear me talking about feelings of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts. No one wanted to know why I had attempted to take my life. I felt, heavy, I was angry with myself, frustrated, lonely and invisible. At war within I was losing hope in life and the God I served.

Pretending can take its toll on you and after 35 years I had had enough. Feeling trapped in a life of emotional pain and misery I gave God an ultimatum with no confidence He would come to my rescue. I needed to be saved and He needed me to get to a place where I was willing to do what it took to be saved and stay saved.

God’s Romantic Getaway is Jemma’s portrayal of her journey to arrive at this new place in life, and she keeps it authentically real for the reader.

Her book tackles personal subjects such as depression, loneliness, suicidal tendencies, loss, and hopelessness, as well as total surrender, acceptance, joy, intimacy with God and more. Her experiences, prayers, and revelations are brought to life throughout its pages. This book will challenge and empower you, as you witness her journey into a deeper relationship with God and the lengths to which she was willing to go to find life.

Depression is real, and a sickness that is claiming many lives. Many Christians suffer in silence due to the stigma depression in the church carries. Though Jemma’s book addresses the spiritual side to her healing, in her she does not hold back from expressing the realities of the physical side to the illness. You are invited to join her, connect and relate to the challenges of her life journey.

Jemma’s goal is to offer you encouragement while you face adversity; she paints a clear and precise picture of one of the greatest love stories ever told. She went looking for life, what she found was a love and intimacy like no other. A love and intimacy that has since captivated her heart, mind, and soul, changed and saved her life and helped her understand why a God of love would sacrifice His only Son on her behalf, and why The Son of God would willingly take a treacherous path for her sake. The words greater love hath no man, than this, that he lay down His life for His friend Jn 15:13 are brought to life in this honest and truthful portrayal of an emotionally unstable woman in search of a reason to live.

Jemma’s testimony is two-fold Through her story, she wants you to know that the God who will truly deliver you, will also fight not to let you go. Her message to you is that your strength lies in the depth of your intimacy with God.


Some Book Reviews

“I first thought the book would be centered around the life of the author, mainly her experience, her testimony, but as I began to read, I saw experiences of my own life being described in many of the chapters, I found myself replacing her name with mine! And I broke down many, many times.”

Judy Regis, London, UK

“My wife got this book and I decided to take a look. I could not put it down. It felt so real and from the heart and I can say it was captivating and I have been inspired as a man to make my getaway. I am making plans to do it as I write. It is a longing to be closer to God. Thanks, Jemma for putting pen to paper.”

Kenneth L.G., Spanish Town, Jamaica


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A Precious Stone, I’m Still Standing

The second book from author Jemma Regis.  Coming Soon.

A Precious Stone, a story of love, forgiveness, and understanding sheds much light on the damage punishments past down from generation to generation has had on the no only Jemma’s life but that of many afro the Caribbean and African decedents, which stem from slavery.

In this soul gripping book author Jemma Regis, once again barre’s her soul as she takes the reader back into her past, where it all began. A powerful story that in parts will break your heart, only to have it restored by the resilience of a little girl gem, that grew up to be a precious stone.

The book tackles subjects such as extreme physical, mental and verbal abuse. Greif, premature adulthood, self-harm, love, sex, Christianity, depression and more

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