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I first thought the book would be centered around the life of the author, mainly her experience, her testimony, but as I began to read, I saw experiences of my own life being described in many of the chapters, I found myself replacing her name with mine! And I broke down many, many times. I battle with letting go and letting God, I battle with surrendering my all to Him, I battle with wanting to know everything that is going to happen in my life, down to the very last detail. I battle with trusting God with EVERY part of my life. My faith needed a shake up. And a shake-up it got! This book changed all of that. It has given me a hope, it has intensified my yearning for the Lord and it has given me practical steps that I have a choice to implement if I truly want to experience an intimate and loving relationship with God.
If you are a believer who is struggling, feeling like you are going nowhere, not getting any answers or any clear direction, then read this book. If you have a passed that you need to be freed from, depression, rejection, abuse, failed marriage, divorce, then read this book. If you are wondering what’s this Jesus man is all about!! then you NEED to read this book.
This book WILL change your life!

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