@HeartofRefuge You do, oh wow21 hours
Eventually fulfilling their wedding vows to each other "till death do us part" became their realty on 28/04/1987. A… https://t.co/LhudUf5ndL3 days
The Lord God is Holy, The Lord God is Mighty The Lord God be Praised in the Highest Father be Glorified on this ne… https://t.co/J9WFe9kTP43 days
There's more to overcoming depression than changing your thoughts, Managing my thoughts was one thing, changing my… https://t.co/4lLvWopGfb4 days
Oh that we would love Him and dote on Him as much as He does on us Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we saw a… https://t.co/5z34HPVKAw5 days
This week I experienced the power of silence in the area of seeking direction for my life, an area you may also nee… https://t.co/ZwbUNvBcVx6 days
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