GRG 2020 Cornwall

We are so pleased to announce the next GRG 7 Day Retreat to be held in Cornwall, Mevagissey. 7 days of amazing restoration, relaxation, pampering, fellowship and most importantly, intimacy with God. The spiritual spa for the soul. The Retreat will take place from Friday, February 14th – Friday, February 21st 2020 and is fully inclusive of the following: Return travel from London to Cornwall Accommodation Food – Organic menu provided by a private chef (recipe pdf available) Healthy Eating/Juicing…

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GRG2018 Emotional Healing Retreat

Years ago I was given a book to read, that I must confess to never reading. The book was called Healing for Damaged Emotions, don’t ask me who the author was because I have no idea. After numerous lengthy conversations with a friend, she handed me the book and concluded the many hurts and painful stories I was sharing stemmed from my damaged emotions. I agreed but after looking at the thick fine printed manuscript that looked like far to much work…

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HE LEADS ME BESIDES STILL WATERS, HE RESTORES MY SOUL GRG2017 Autumn Retreat!! It was a case of open heart life-saving surgery for those who attended. It was up close and personal, alone with Abba Father. It was His Romantic Getaway. It was life changing!!!!!!!! A change was necessary, without it, it would not be life-changing.  Change meant being vulnerable. Letting go once and for all!! For some it came easy, for others it was a struggle. Listen, listen, listen, Be…

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GRG Retreat 2017

Sitting on the beautiful terrace at Champneys Health Spa in Tring, I was amazed at the number of people taking time out to relax, meditate, read a good book and rest. People were laughing, sleeping or talking. What was evident from their body language and facial expressions was they had left all their cares behind and were set on making the most of the time they had carved out of their busy schedule for the purpose for which they were…

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God’s Romantic Getaway Retreat 2016

God’s Romantic Getaway Retreat 2016 A Heart for Intimacy Transformed in the Potter’s Hands As I begin to absorb God, His words and His presence, I find myself being introduced to new aspects of worship and wonder what life would be like if I continually dwelt in the secret place of the God most High. I also find myself wondering how God manages to reveal my thoughts and their origin and answer questions without me uttering one word. Could it…

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Is there ever a good time to take time out?

Is there ever a good time to take time out? Does time just wait around as you find things to fill it with? Or are you constantly fighting to find and make time to fit everything in? Most events organised within the church are dominated by the attendance of single females or married females without their spouses. However we were blessed with the company of two married couples on last years God’s Romantic Getaway Retreat, and here is what they…

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God’s Romantic Getaway Retreat 2015

The God’s Romantic Getaway Retreat – Know His Power in Quietness and Rest In the busyness of life we struggle because we want to spend more time with God than time permits, and for some of us, that is a real problem. We are left feeling detached from God with our hearts pinning for precious time in His presence. In the busyness of life, we sometimes hit the snooze button several times before realising that the extra time we spend…

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The scene at 5am when you are alone with God, surrounded by nothing but peace and no distractions. Very early in… days
@PremierGospel @JemzCakeBox @LadyTolu No babes, it's been a very quiet kitchen for months while I finished my book… days
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The scene at 5am on a GRG Retreat. #Peace #Quiet #Stillness #SpiritualIntimacy #Prayer & more Our lives require bal… days
BREATHTAKING The scene at 5am in Wales on the GRG 2017 Autumn Retreat was absolutely breathtaking. #Quiet, #Still… days
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