Nominate Someone and Help Me Bless Someone This Christmas 




Nominations for this year

In 2011 after almost suffering a breakdown I overcame my 35 year battle with depression and sought to bring emotional and practical help and support to those suffering from mental health issues or anything that caused them to feel alone, sad and isolated, those struggling financially and those with virtually nothing. I have volunteered my services as a chef over the years to many different charities cooking for the homeless over the festive period, but in 2016 I felt lead to help those suffering behind closed doors, for whatever reasons.

This cause was dear to my heart because like me many people suffer in silence and tire of wearing the mask. For them, Christmas can be a very lonely or a hard time emotionally, whether alone or with family and friends. Those struggling with families feel the pain of not being able to provide for them and those who are single feel the brokenness of being alone. Both situations create a loneliness that stems from within, the type that would have you in a room full of people and still feel alone. The type that causes you to wonder if anyone actually sees your inner pain, struggle or sadness. This broke my heart because I have been there, emotionally, financially and physically and I wanted to help bring comfort to that emotional pain. I didn’t want to cook a meal for the day and I didn’t want to do something at a centre to then send individuals back home, because in some cases that makes things worse.

No, I wanted to create a feast that would last and let them know they were loved and cared for. Something created with love, all homemade and delivered to their homes early Christmas morning. A hamper full of wholesome food, homemade bread, cakes, soup, snacks etc.. and enough food to last for a good few days. Something that left them in awe and speechless, something that made them feel loved. I didn’t want to feed them I wanted to bless them.


Last year we fed 17 families and delivered as far as Oxford. But aside from the tears I cried listening to some of the stories of those being nominated, were the tears of all who were keen to donate to the cause. Once again this year after putting out the appeal for nominees for me to feed, many have stated they would like to make a donation, so after much encouragement I have set up this page to raise funds to help me feed all those who will benefit from this wonderful gift of love and I invite you to be part of it.

Every little bit helps, and thank you in advance…