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Growing up disciple always ended in tears Today its become my best friend I love what the Bible says Now all discip… https://t.co/TW1L35twQd2 days
Enough said.. #Quotes #InspiredToMove #GetMoving #GetMotivated #DoSomething #DontJustSitThere #ButWhatAreYouDoing… https://t.co/KyBBWF3WQB5 days
I agree with this 100% Saved and changed my life! Depression does not like routine and routine does not like depres… https://t.co/dNt4Uwjwaw2 weeks
Just posted a photo https://t.co/115kLXtqq73 weeks
We to get more help to St Vincent https://t.co/JFPRX8msGa3 weeks
I was honored to sit and speak with a mother who suffered 7 miscarriages, something unheard of but never stopped be… https://t.co/3Hgmphbrd23 weeks
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