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Just posted a photo https://t.co/rc7lIfmzc12 days
Just posted a photo https://t.co/t3RfvNRMbA2 days
If you've suffered a loss it's important you deal with it in your own time, everyone's different Some need help wh… https://t.co/qHGudbwsoi4 days
This weekend I cried, I smiled, I worshipped, I was thankful and blessed as I aligned myself with my emotions, my c… https://t.co/VVkST4Ioaf6 days
This weekend I spent time alone, feeding and nurturing myself. I read books as well as the bible. I paused and refl… https://t.co/YW8zGYEPOU6 days
Grief How do you handle it? As well as heartbreaking I found it tormenting and disturbing, feeling sad that my mum… https://t.co/D1WbEvKxqn2 weeks
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